Meet our final round of reader patrons: LK & Deyanna

As Megan mentioned in her post last month, September is likely the final month that we'll be running Offbeat Home & Life's Patron program, where in exchange for financially supporting the site, readers can join us behind the scenes for up-close-n-personal editorial schemes. Readers can totally still support the site through a one-time donation, $5/mo warm fuzzies subscription, or $50/year warmmest fuzziest subscription, but we're going to let the Patron program quietly retire.

THAT SAID! I have two Patrons to introduce to you today. One of them is private and goes only by her initials, and the other may be a familiar face for those of you who also read Offbeat Bride…


Good news, bad news, and therapy: Updates on the next Offbeat Home Cooking Challenge

This probably won't surprise any of those who were around for the first challenge, but I'm SUPER anxious, you guys! Last time, I didn't have to think about the challenge until it was plopped on my plate. This time I'm having a hand at making the menu and it's giving me all kinds of night terrors, knowing the fresh grocery shopping, cast iron skillet-buying, "what the fuck is chiffonade" hell that is to come.


Let's meet our April patrons: the prolific lurker and the "offbeat conservative"

For the first time since it's inception we have two patrons at the same time again! Woot! Let's all meet two new amazing ladies who are helping to make Offbeat Home feel like more a community-driven site AND get one step forward in killing those side-bar ads.

This month we have a lurker who's written some of your very favorite Offbeat Home & Life posts, and one of our longest readers and rare-but-awesome "offbeat conservatives."


With new life, comes new categories (and a site sustainability check-in)

When we upgraded Offbeat Home to Offbeat Home & Life last year, we started focusing on more than just awesome decor, food, and DIY. We started talking a whole lot more about real meaty life issues like jobs, relationships, and even death. We also started to notice that our site's navigation didn't really reflect our content shift. So, Megan spent this past weekend sprucing up the o'l categories…