Key holders to put the "fun" in functional

What if your key holder was not only decorative but also pulled double-duty? I've rounded up some of the cutest, cleverest, and innovative(est?) key holders on the interwebs. From key holders that come with key rings that look adorable and can also help keep you safe, to creepy, and the slightly sexual. Hook yourself up with one of these holders and see if you ever forget to hang up your keys again…


Decorating your home with litter boxes

Believe it or not, but those two storage tables underneath Marilyn are kitty litter boxes. Kinda swanky for a dual poop station, ammaright? I scoured Amazon, our archives, and even our Flickr pool to find the most decorative solutions for kitty litty boxes. So that when you have company come over, they (and you!) don't have to stare at cat poop. Hell, with some of these products, your guests may not even know they're looking or even sitting on a cat box.


10 literary classics you can totally read in a week or less

Now that the cold weather is here in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere, many of you are flocking to week-long resorts in tropical destinations. Lots of you read on the beach — there's even a sub-genre called "beach reads." If you're thinking about what to bring and you've been shying away from the "literature" or "classics" sections of your bookstore, fear not: this English literature graduate has some great classics you can polish off quickly while soaking in the sunshine.


Shower curtains: Make your bathroom shine without paint

Cary asked: "My new husband, and I rent a heritage house in Vancouver BC. Unfortunately, the bathroom has been subjected to a cost-conscious (rather than a design-conscious) refurbishment. It functions perfectly well, but it brings us down to have to go into such a ugly place each morning. Surely there's something we can do that goes beyond painting to make it a less utilitarian space."

Yes! There is! My easy answer is: get an awesome shower curtain and invest in matching accessories. Here are a few of my favorite shower curtains full of personality.