Breastfeeding was crazy hard, but weaning is sad too

My son Conan is pretty much weaned now, at 13 months. It's been about a week since he last nursed, and he's perfectly happy without it. I have mixed emotions about it — on the one hand, it is SO liberating, but on the other hand it's the end of a really close part of our relationship, a connection we will never have again. But time moves on, and my little guy is rapidly metamorphosing from a baby into a toddler.

Thinking back on my early experience of breastfeeding, the thing that really jumps out is that I never, NEVER believed that we would make it through a whole year…

I feel neutral about gender-neutral parenting

In three years of parenthood, I have collected plenty of anecdotes to promote the philosophies of gender-neutral parenting, of raising a child devoid of gender-stereotypes. Yet I found myself questioning the very possibility of raising a child who would not form his identity, at least in part, around typical lines of pink and blue, dolls and footballs.

He-nesting while I wait for my son's birth

The past 9 months have already been an ebb and flow of anticipation. Waiting to see my son on the ultrasound, hearing his heartbeat once a month, tracking the growth of the baby bump, finding out we were having a boy and waiting to finally be able to feel him move. Now we wait for the main event.