How to make a light-up robot costume for $15

I made this costume from duct tape, parts of old electronic equipment, LED Christmas lights, and dimmer switches. It was comfortable and safe, it stood up to lots of abuse and monkey-like toddler behavior, and it only cost me about 15 bucks to make. Here's how I did it…

Kate at the organic blueberry farm

Thanks to photographer Lauren McGlynn for sharing this wonderful shot with me. She explains, "This is my friend Kate and her baby on her organic blueberry farm in North Carolina."…..

I'm a stay-at-home sister. Let me tell you about The Look.

In traditional terms I wouldn’t be considered a parent. I have never given birth, I hold no legal guardianship over another life, but I was born a mother. My maternal instinct kicked in early. I love taking care of people and kids absolutely melt me. So when my mom started talking about wanting to become involved with foster care I absolutely supported her.

Offbeat guardian angel

The dragon is an IKEA Minnen Drake. It's been discontinued from IKEA, but you can find them on eBay sometimes.