How to move on when I'm still living with my ex

My partner and I split up a few months ago. Unfortunately, since then I have had a difficult time finding work, we are still living in the same house. I have felt incredibly alone and it has been difficult for me to separate from this relationship because he was my best friend. On top of that, we had moved out of state, away from home 2.5 years earlier, and my pool of friends/support here is a single digit. How do I move on when I'm still living with my ex?


Is my offbeat lifestyle hurting my child?

In my town, like so many small towns, perception is everything. Thankfully over the years I've developed a thick skin. It didn't matter to me what these people thought… until my daughter came into the picture. Then the fears ran rampant: Will she be invited to playdates? Will she be ashamed of me at parent-teacher meetings? Will she get in trouble for her inherited penchant for dark artwork? Is my outward appearance going to ruin her life? Will she hate me and wish I was a little more June Cleaver and a little less Morticia Addams?


Telling my Facebook-obsessed family I don't want photos of my kid online

As I consider having a kid, one thing I feel very strongly about is not blasting photos of them all over social media. Preserving my future child's privacy and right to choose is something I feel strongly about. But, I don't even think something like that crosses my share-everything-on-Facebook family members' minds. Any advice on how, or when, to broach this subject? I don't want to become that mom who bites anyone's head off who posts a photo of my kid on the internet. But I also want people to think before they post.