We are the future: Our post-millenial, Pagan, LGBT, polyamorous family

This is what our healthy family looks like, our core family that is. It Extends, because that little boy there holding a mask over his head has never ever known what the rest of the country lives like. Add to that most of us are gay, bi, or polyamorous. This means, when one of us has a child we have to definitely "redefine family."


"You should wait to have kids": How do you deal with the parenting naysayer

One thing I've been so curious about as a newlywed person is "baby advice" — and not the "when are you having a baby" question, but actually the exact opposite. My husband and I have had numerous family members (with children) tell us we should wait ten years for kids of our own. I'm wondering about how other Homies are dealing with the parenting naysayers. Are other couples are dealing with the shaming around becoming parents along with the pressure to procreate after getting married?


The Holidays are coming: We dare you to send this hilarious "holiday application form" to your family this year!

Each year, The Holiday Conversations in our extended family starts in mid-July, when our little unit begins strategizing with our in-laws, to get out ahead of the game. It's preemptive damage control. Much like leaving a play-date en-masse, we like to present a united front when the parents-in-law begin sniffing around our holiday plans. Our plans for this year's Thanksgiving were already solidified weeks ago, but I'd like to share it here in case anyone finds it useful. I've updated it for the 2015 calendar year…