Learning to love my RENTED house

I distinctly remember standing in the living room of my new home, looking at the chandelier, and breathlessly exclaiming, "It's a mansion!" American dream? Not quite. My mom was in her dream neighborhood, but the house wasn't hers, wasn't even the bank's. It was the landlord's. Eventually I became ashamed of the fact that my parents didn't own our home, and at times a bit resentful. Then, much later than I should have, I had an epiphany…


Relationship hacks for communicating under stress

Fighting sucks, especially when it's with someone you love. All you want is for the dishes to be rinsed before they're put in the dishwasher and the next thing you know, both of you are saying hurtful things. How can you have conflict without being hurtful? How can you build your own hacks?


Stash your sex toys (but remember where the hell you put them)

We already talked about ways to hide your sex toys in plain sight by using household objects and even exercise equipment. This is great advice… except for if you're living with parents or roommates and you don't want to repurpose stuff they use! Living together will mean we know where things are, but we'll still want to hide our very-obviously-for-sex equipment. Let's take a look at some options for discreet and designated stashing!


How do you get you and your partner's sex drives back in sync?

We've all been there some time or other: you and your partner have been together for several years and things in the hay have begun to take the backseat to more "important" things like work, hobbies, hanging out with friends, cleaning the house etc. Maybe the relationship itself is great, with long conversations, cuddles and whatever floats your boats, but sex is something you save for Saturdays and New Year's Eve. So how do you get the intimate part of your relationship back?


4 ways to make extra cash that'll make you say "why didn't I think of that!?"

Sometimes saving money doesn't feel like enough when household emergencies happen or there's a big ticket item on your calendar, and your regular income isn't going to cut it. When we were first discussing our new budget, a friend who was preparing to move suggested, "Why not sell some of your old stuff?" I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it myself. Here are some things I've sold, considered selling and how it's worked out for us…