One year later: Lessons from "Occupy" on communal living

It's hard to believe that this time last year, I was "living" outside in a park downtown at Occupy Toronto, with several hundred other people. The communal living experience was pretty intense. It's hard to look back at such a complicated experience, but as we hit the one-year anniversary of Occupy, I think there are some general lessons that can be learned, not only for political occupations but for more mundane but ultimately more lasting kinds of communal life.

Here's some of what I learned about communal living at Occupy Toronto…


We stopped fighting over money when we started emailing

Nothing can throw a relationship into the doldrums like a nice, long, unsexy talk about money. These types of conversations are the necessary evil of living together, but the arguing with my now-husband getting just plain evil. One day, after slogging through a slew of boring budget work emails, I had an epiphany about how we can talk about money without derailing both our sanity and intimacy.


Make friends in a new city with Ultimate Frisbee

Okay, so you just moved to a new location and you're looking to make friends? Have you ever thought about doing so with a Frisbee? Here's how one Homie used Ultimate Frisbee to make friends, build muscle, make dinner plans, and even make more money! Frisbees, man. Who knew!?