STFU: How can I deal with one family member who always ruins holiday parties?

I'm slated to host Christmas Eve at my home again, and last year it was fun… except for one uncle ruined it with snarky comments and flat-out negativity. He bitched about the food, the tackiness of the decorations, and the gifts people gave.

At the time, I was more concerned about hosting duties and making sure my family was having a good time, so I just tried to roll with it. Nobody in the family had the guts to say anything, except to talk about it after he left.

This year though… fuck that, I don't want any of that shit in my house.

How do I keep his horrible attitude in line in my own home?


Has anyone gone back to their maiden name after marriage?

I got married a year ago and changed my name. Now, after a year of honest reflection, I can say that I don't like it. I'm currently putting out feelers on resuming the use of my maiden name and in the process, I am running into tons of negativity. Have any of you out there stayed married but went back to your maiden name? How did you handle any criticism or negative feedback? Did you feel better once it was done?


After the stroke, someone else sits in my grandmother's body

My grandmother will not be at my wedding. The woman who was always so lively, so patient, and so strong is gone. She will never make me fresh tortillas. We will never again spend a day happily digging in her garden. She will not attend my wedding. The stroke marked her. She has only a little use of her right hand. She tires easily, she loses words in the middle of sentences. She confuses names. The worst part of this is that she knows exactly what the stroke took from her.