This "No Media Mondays" idea sounds tempting to me

Puddle jumping, painting, reading, fairy hunting in the woods… what are you missing out on by being glued to a screen (tv and computer) most days? One Offbeat Mama decided to find out what life has in store BEYOND Facebook, email, Pinterest, and television by implementing "No Media Mondays."


How to split the costs with roommates?

We're buying our first home and have offered to let a friend and her son move in with us and "pay rent" (part of the mortage + utilities). He thinks our friend should be paying more than half because she's taking more space, my suggestion was that all of the adults pay an equal amount. So, homies, how have you worked out splitting the costs between roommates in such a situation before?


Yurt + Dome = My life in a yome

My 16-month-old daughter and I live on an herb farm (no, not that kind of herb farm, though we are in Northern California). I am a farm hand here, and in exchange for a certain amount of hours a week working the land, we get to live here and breathe the fresh air, learn about herbs, and watch everything bloom.

We live in a yome here. Yep, a yome — it's a cross between a yurt and a geodesic dome. And wait until you see the triangular windows…


Make surreal video lemonade of the lemons of noisy neighbors

So this one time, the condo beneath ours was completely gutted and remodeled, with heavy construction for a couple weeks. The construction guys listened to a lot of Russian pop while they worked. Hours and hours of it. At a certain point, it got so ridiculous that I had to capture it. No tape deck, so I used my camera…but then I had to figure out something to fill the screen with while recording the ridiculous music. This very odd video was the result. Obviously, audio is key — and patience doesn't hurt.


How to deal with moving back home with your parents

I recently moved back in with my parents.  This is because I made the decision to stop working full-time, go back to university, and make an attempt to "concentrate on my writing" (as obnoxious as that sounds).  I have lived out of home for over four years – the entirety of my adult life! – and as you can probably imagine, quite a bit has changed at my childhood home in that time.

I've learned a few things from my time back at home — pull up a chair and let me tell you why you should think twice before demanding a juice box, or bringing a one night stand home to your parents' house.