My husband and I are friends with my ex

I am never quite sure how to introduce Steve to others. So to make everyone else more comfortable I usually say "This is my friend, Steve." It's just easier that way. As the relationship moves forward — be it a coworker, new friend, neighbor, etc — eventually they learn who Steve really is. Steve is my ex-husband. And after five years of this we STILL hear how "weird" it all is.


Am I a Grinch or will I find the Christmas spirit someday?

This was our first Christmas in our home and as a married couple. My husband spent almost the entire time talking about all the traditions we were going to start this year and do the same thing every year and how much fun our future kids were going to have and other happy joy joy type silliness. All I kept thinking; I just want to sit on my couch, watch "Downton Abbey," and forget about Christmas. My question: does all of this make me a Grinch? When I have kids, will I find the Christmas spirit or be even worse?


Throw this birthday party: Superheroes and Monsters

For my daughter Em's second birthday we decided to go with a monsters and superhero theme. Em loves monsters and I really love the idea and concept of celebrating the primal animal creature that is generally outcast by society and misunderstood for its difference. Our family celebrates difference, so why not celebrate monsters? I also was super excited to celebrate and make room for the toddlers exploration of the "hero" archetype. We all have our own particular super strengths and I'm all for advocating the idea that we are all our own hero.


How can we smoothly move in with my mom with babies of our own?

My husband, my two kids, and I are getting ready to move back into my childhood home. We're so excited to get into a larger, safer (better hood), cheaper living situation, but there are some worries on moving back in with my mom… mostly for my husband.Have any of you guys had to making the "moving in with the in-laws" change?