Make friends in a new city with Ultimate Frisbee

Okay, so you just moved to a new location and you're looking to make friends? Have you ever thought about doing so with a Frisbee? Here's how one Homie used Ultimate Frisbee to make friends, build muscle, make dinner plans, and even make more money! Frisbees, man. Who knew!?


Make subtly sexy sex wall art with your partner

Are you in unique position where you'd love to make a giant piece of art for your wall, but you really just want to spend all your free time having lots of sex? Or maybe you're looking for the perfect sexy anniversary gift? Well you, my kinky wonderful Homies, are in luck because now you can do BOTH at the same time! Check out this subtly sexual art idea…


This "No Media Mondays" idea sounds tempting to me

Puddle jumping, painting, reading, fairy hunting in the woods… what are you missing out on by being glued to a screen (tv and computer) most days? One Offbeat Mama decided to find out what life has in store BEYOND Facebook, email, Pinterest, and television by implementing "No Media Mondays."


How to split the costs with roommates?

We're buying our first home and have offered to let a friend and her son move in with us and "pay rent" (part of the mortage + utilities). He thinks our friend should be paying more than half because she's taking more space, my suggestion was that all of the adults pay an equal amount. So, homies, how have you worked out splitting the costs between roommates in such a situation before?