How to move on when I'm still living with my ex

My partner and I split up a few months ago. Unfortunately, since then I have had a difficult time finding work, we are still living in the same house. I have felt incredibly alone and it has been difficult for me to separate from this relationship because he was my best friend. On top of that, we had moved out of state, away from home 2.5 years earlier, and my pool of friends/support here is a single digit. How do I move on when I'm still living with my ex?


How my silicone wedding ring represents marriage as a whole

After being diagnosed and struggling with Bipolar Disorder, I thanked my husband for all he had done, and I gave him a new wedding ring.

This one is silicone, and I have one to match. I still have my original gold wedding band, but my silicone ring now seems so much more of a real representation of marriage to me…


I became a disabled housewife, right after the wedding

I became a disabled housewife, without any warning, so quickly after we married that I'd felt as if I'd tricked him, or pulled the ol' bait-and-switch. And while my husband has a great job, that can easily, comfortably support both of us and our rescue dogs, but I still deal with feelings of guilt for not being able to financially contribute to our partnership.