How to make an animated gif party invitation

I love animated gifs! They're like the magical photos in the Potterverse. Here's a reason you can make one this week: PARTY TIME. Whether you're planning a Super Bowl party, a Valentine's Day cocktail hour, or just a mid-winter soiree, you can make an animated gif invitation in a few quick steps.


Throw this party: A Nerdy Thirty birthday party

About two weeks before my 30th birthday, someone reminded me that my "dirty thirty" was coming up soon. To which Aaron, that guy I married, responded: "With Megan, it's more like her nerdy thirty." And thus, a theme was born!

This is how I pulled off one hell of an awesome Nerdy Thirty birthday theme with only two weeks to plan, and with a little help from my friends.


Don’t use January to beat yourself up

January always seems to be about making new starts. Quitting things, cutting down on things, doing more of other things… I, of course, thought I was above falling for the hype. I'm an Offbeat Homie, I don't need to buy your exercise video just because it's January! Obviously.


Quick and easy exercises you can do at your desk in 7 minutes or less

I'm not an exercise buff by any means — the most I do is yoga three times a week, when I'm really disciplined about it. Most of the time my schedule (working from home + parenting a small child = I'm all over the place) makes regular yoga attendance a challenge. However, this doesn't mean I don't like to at least feel like I'm being healthy while I'm sitting at my desk for a few hours each day. To combat the overall feeling of ick that I generally get, I created this series of small exercises to do to keep my circulation up and spirit happy.