Why I love my cookbook club

One of the most lovely things that has happened to me this year is being inducted into a cookbook club — a group who meets regularly to cook dishes from the same book and share food. Every time I mention it, people say they want to join a cookbook club too (some of you intrepid folks have even gone out and started your own).


Giving up shampoo and washing my hair less ICKS ME OUT — how can I make natural hair care products fit my life?

I really enjoyed the advice on brightening up red hair. In fact, Evathedefiler's comment led me to buy natural shampoo bars from Southland Soap.

Now I'm a little intimidated by my journey into Pantene Pro-V-free living, especially since I haven't had the best luck with this stuff before; trying to wash my hair every other day gave me icky shame. Could I get some advice on what to expect when you're switching to natural hair care? I'd like to hear about the face and body too.

Use chopstick sleeves to make place holders for dinner parties

Offbeat Bride has a great idea up right now: using chopstick sleeves to make place cards for dinner parties.

We wanted a place card that would be pretty, tie our various themes together (travel, Chinese food), and actually be useful, cheap, and simple to make. So, we decided to make dressy paper sleeves to hold chopsticks and to double as the place cards, which seemed appropriate for a Chinese-food wedding dinner.

Yes! Smart! Now I'm kind of thinking about a Chinese food dinner party…