What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

My husband and I just recently moved closer to our families and we were thinking it would be fun to start some new traditions at our now expanded Thanksgiving table. What sort of quirky, offbeat Thanksgiving traditions do you have?


I am a genius and I invented a new filing system

The problem with inboxes is that they don't DO anything except collect everything I need to look at and deal with. They are a stall. I still have to look at every Thing in them at least one more time, touch it, and decide what to do with it. (See figure 1.)

But a few weeks ago I had a stroke of genius. My inbox fills up as it gathers all my "to dos" from throughout the house — event insurance bills to pay, checks to deposit into three different accounts, doodles I don't want to lose, invitations I need to respond to…I think there's a Chuck Klostermannarf book I've assigned myself to read for "work" sitting near the top right now.