DIY rainbow bling for a Pride parade (or any ol' day!)

One of the side-effects of being in a burlesque troupe is having buckets and buckets of rhinestones laying about. I had wanted to have this necklace finished in time to for the Pride Parade. As you can see in my inspiration picture above, the necklace that inspired this one is also rainbow-themed, but I wanted to take it in a more over-the-top rainbow direction. Here's how you can over in a more over-the-top rainbow direction, too…

(With bonus applications like rainbow stagecoach robber, and rainbow garden gnome!)


How can we make our house a destination?

We want to make our house the hangout spot for our friends. How do we do that? Every time we try to throw a party, we spend way too much time and money getting our place and the food and the music all ready. How do we make our house ready all the time, without emptying the bank and becoming Martha Stewart?