Spreading love for the cuddly and kawaii amigurumi

Amigurumi are tiny yarn animals/people/characters/kawaii objects, crocheted for our enjoyment. They're lovely, warm, and snuggly crafts with a big respect for nerd culture. I've never seen the variety of patterns that amigurumi-ers make in any other craft.

Enjoy these nerdcore examples of amigurumi — most have patterns if you click through!


How to throw an ugly party: an exercise in self-restraint and people skills

NO! Not another pretty party! With perfectly-planned coordinating courses, a playlist, and cleverly-crafted decorations! NOT TODAY! Today, we celebrate the ugly party.

This winter I have been learning the value of the ugly party. The unplanned party. The no-decorations, unfancy food, just-get-together-and-love-it party. These impromptu parties have been some of the most enjoyable socials I've been to all year — and I think hosting an ugly party fosters skills you need to ensure you'll never attend a boring party again.