Harry Potter-inspired recipes for your Deathly Hallows Part Two bash

Nearly everyone I know (that's into Harry Potter in the first place) is planning some kind of celebration before going to see the film. Personally, I felt like we were doing enough just by getting a baby-sitter to watch Jasper while we indulge in some midnight film goodness, but then I started thinking: why not combine two of my greatest loves (food and Harry Potter) and have a mini-feast? So now we're having a Harry Potter-themed food party, and if you're in into the idea, here are a few treats to try!


BLAMMO! Let’s talk about BENTO!

I don't really cook, but I like arranging food, and so a few years ago I got SUPER into bento lunches. In fact, before there was wedding porn on Offbeat Bride, there was something called Mr. Bento Porn on Flickr. Come with me as I peek at some awesome bento lunchbox options.