How do I keep my baby cool during the summer?

My daughter is seven months old, and we are quickly approaching summer in Texas. Temperatures here can get HOT — average temperature of 100° F in August, anyone? I'd really like tips for keeping cool in the car, in the stroller, and running in and out of places while on errands. I'm also interested in finding out everyone's favorite brand of baby sunblock and/or umbrella hats.

How do we prepare a toddler for moving?

Our 2 1/2 year old is VERY attached to our home. It's the apartment he has lived in his whole life. Because of the nature of the move, we have to go in mid-May. So, I'm wondering: with a month and a half, how can we get our toddler ready for the biggest change in his life so far?


Will I resent my partner if we never have kids?

My feeling has always been that I love my partner and I want to be with him, and that that trumps any hypothetical kids I might have with some hypothetical other partner that I could hypothetically find if my partner and I weren't together any more. But now I'm starting to worry that I'll resent him if we never have kids. I certainly wouldn't want to pressure him, though — having kids with a partner who didn't want them would be worse than not having kids at all.