On refusing to let your kids take over your life

I want my daughter to see that I am happy with my life now. I want her to understand on a fundamental level that she deserves happiness, too. And, I want her to be able to handle life's obstacles as a confident and capable individual… Preferably one who doesn't grow up to live in my basement.

Why I love every inch of my stretch marks

I have obsessed about my weight since I was eleven. I'm not going to get into all of the years of disordered eating and self-loathing in this post, but when I look back on photos of myself, I can't believe I thought there was anything wrong with me. I was a fox — long, lean, lithe, and curvy in just the right places. I could shimmy into tons of really cute clothes, and heads would turn. These days, you could describe me as "pillowy" rather than "willowy."

Why I'm choosing to write a book instead of having a second child

But when I take a hard look at my life I have to admit that I have a finite amount of time and energy and everything is a tradeoff. I am acutely aware that I traded a large chunk of my personal time to have a child. And I've never regretted that decision for a second. But I would regret a second child. Even if I did publish a novel with two children I would forever wonder what higher levels of success I could have reached had I decided to stop at one and focus on writing instead.


No, I'm not pregnant — and I never want to be again

A friend of mine (the mother of one of my daughter's classmates) said hello to me at a school function a few weeks ago. After pleasantries were exchanged and she noticed I was on my way out with one of my kids in tow, she asked a seemingly harmless question.

How being a nanny to a three-year-old has taught me self-acceptance

As I evaluate my role as a strong, positive role model in Johannah's life, I am particularly cognizant of the image of myself that I share with her, that I unconsciously project into the world. I may be found, at times, in front of a full length mirror scrutinizing the lumps and bumps of my body, rough patches of skin, the crookedness of my front teeth.