I was born multi-racial and didn't realize it until I was 6

As an adult I find myself faced with the issue of race every day — I never know what to check when I'm filling out any kind of official form. The truth is, if it were not for my mother's words I'd be incredibly frustrated by the situation. Instead, the idea that I belong to the human race is the foundation of my upbringing, and I realize that I cannot be easily defined by what my skin looks like.


My plan for raising Pagan children

I intend to raise my child in a Pagan household. I've come to see that this means different things to different people, and a lot of it probably has to do with our own experiences of childhood and religion.When I say "raising a child Pagan," I mean that he or she will be living their life in a largely Pagan household.

What I have learned about adoption, family and myself since the death of my birth mother

I am adopted. For me, it's just normal. It's not something I'm ashamed of or anything I have ever had a problem with. I've always known I was adopted and had quite a few peers and friends who are also adopted so there was no stigma. It was a closed adoption and at the time the identity of the woman who gave me up for adoption was not disclosed. That woman has recently passed away which has led me to look back and consider what it has meant to me to be adopted and look at the relationship we have had.

Tips for new parents: augmenting your pre-baby beauty regimes

Today I would like to publicly celebrate an unpredictable effect of that very predictable phenomenon: the way in which my beauty routine did not disappear at all as much as it mutated in strange and wonderful ways. It is now wholly different to what it previously was: it would be unrecognisable, probably, to my pre-parenthood self. But, I venture to assure you, it's quicker. It's cheaper. Hell, it might even be better.