Top 10 ways to embrace, rather than fight, summertime heat

My friends, it gets hot in the summer. So I just don't see a purpose in getting angry about it, or trying to avoid it. As with many things — swimming in a cold lake, childbirth, writing an essay that feels like it's going nowhere — the way out is the way through. So here are my top 10 ways to embrace the heat,,,


Life after ditching my smart phone

We were just like any other couple with smart phones: checked in on Facebook or Foursquare, had work emails set up so we looked at them way too often, shared funny photos and spent part of work surfing the internet. Then it all changed. We ditched our smart phones and have lived to tell the tale.


What does an offbeat memorial service look like?

Recently my hubz had a very dear friend pass away after a long battle with ALS. While I don't personally feel like I need services to grieve, my husband with his deep southern roots and traditions would like to honor his friend. We are financially unable to pay for traditional services, but are willing to host a memorial service. Has anyone planned what will boil down to an offbeat memorial service? Ideas are appreciated.


3 ways to cope when you didn't get the home you wanted

My partner and I just bought our first house. We love it. However, we didn't get the first four we tried for, and we almost didn't get this one at least 372 times throughout the process. I found myself on an emotional rollercoaster where I had to constantly prepare myself for a possible "it's just not going to work." To make the potential hard blow softer, I started searching for ways to make that situation a learning experience.


Stolen keys, ID, and phone? PSSHT, I got this

I woke up to a phone call from my husband at 6:30 one morning and the not-so-exciting news that his keys, wallet, and phone were stolen from work. His wallet, of course, had his ID and Social Security Card in it, along with a debit card and the one measly credit card we had. I knew I was in for an annoying morning, but I felt fine: our bank shuts down cards the minute you say "stol–" and we had the foresight to opt into our phone company's insurance program so I knew that would be handled as well.


What can I do with our oddly-placed extra room?

While we've lived with a roommate, the extra room has been used as our office, but once he's out, we're relocating our office to the second bedroom, for maximum privacy and minimal cat hair! Our problem now is what to do with what used to be our office space — the "in-between" room you need to walk through to get to the master. It's not really feasible as a guest room because of the lack of privacy. Any ideas what to do with this overblown hallway space?


Home buying: What if what's right for our budget isn't right for us?

My boyfriend and I decided to buy our own house. We knew it was going to be difficult but we didn't think it would be this difficult. We had found the perfect house, but with costly repairs needed. Suddenly my boyfriend wants a townhome, or a small house as a starter home, or even a condo. Sharing walls is not the long-term solution, but is it the short term solution? Should I be more worried about what's right for us, than what's right for my wallet? Or would what's right for my wallet eventually be what's right for us?