A week's worth of Megan-simple chicken and rice dishes with different flavors to satisfy picky eaters

I am a picky person… I don't like to eat the same meal more than once a week. I need meals for only one person. I don't like to cook unless I can be eating in 20 minutes or less (preferably much less). But there is hope! I have made a huge (well, to my non-chef-self anyway) list of recipes that help satisfy all of these things. As an added benefit, most of these can be considered at least somewhat healthy and very Megan-simple


These 3 recipes will save your clean eating goals

If you're starting 2016 off with some goals to eat more whole, clean eating foods, we've got you covered. Last week we talked about lots of hacks for eating more healthfully at home including planning, coupons, and cooking from scratch. This week we're here with some recipes to fuel your fire for those home-cooked meals. They're colorful, easy, and will make your taste buds super happy.