How to DIY an adorable bathtub pond

I've always wanted a house near some body of water. Since our current home is in a subdivision and our house is situated in what I think is geographically a canyon, my husband Jared and I had to get creative. So we created what we call The Tuttle Aquatic Gardens. That's just a fancy name for a pond made out of a bathtub.

If you'd like to attempt your own bathtub pond, here's how!


Get beerganized: How we easily organized our home brew kit

Craft brewing is awesome. You know what we DON'T love? The mess! Brewing at home takes up a ton of space, and between the equipment, utensils, and ingredients, it can start to take over your whole house! Here's how we organized our home brew equipment to make everything easy to see and easy to take with us!


DIY this simple, no-damage, statement piece headboard

I've been trying to update my guest room/study for the last two years. It seemed to me that I just needed one simple focal point — which should be the bed. I was on a budget, on a mission and working with a limited amount of space. It seemed like the best solution was to create my own headboard using fabric.


Dye your own colour-coordinated bath salts

Bath salts are the best. I mean first, there's the obvious joke about the drug with the same name. Not only do they make baths way more relaxing by helping your sore muscles, but they double as decor. And with these tips you can ensure that they are colour-coordinated to match your orange octopus bathroom? Or how about pink bath salts for a super pink bathroom? Or maybe you need them to be a pop of colour in a black bathroom? I will show you how!