Help, I'm drowning in home brewing supplies!

My partner has just gotten into home brewing, and I am constantly tripping over empty glass bottles, utility buckets, glass carboys and plastic tubing! Anyone have any advice or tips on keeping the brewing supplies corralled, neat, and stored in a small space?


Everything's better on a stick!

Whether it's foods, drinks, or decor, being on a stick makes it portable, fashionable and fabulous. Here's our savory, sweet, and sometimes even swanky roundup of all things Offbeat Home & Life… on a STICK!


I turned my bookshelf into a cat-approved climbing tree

For years I've wanted a bookcase that incorporates a cat tree. I think it's really important for my cats to have a designated place to scratch that isn't the furniture and a way to be the tallest thing in the room without knocking over breakable stuff I care about. BUT I hate the look of cat trees. Hence, the cat tree bookcase.