Use a CD sleeve to package cookies

Giant cookies make great gifts, whether they're treats for a classroom full of fellow students, a nod to the full belly of delicious foods already eaten, or just a fancy dressed gift of favorite home-cooking. To package them for individual gifting, try a CD sleeve and sticker wrap.


DIY chess board necklace organizer

I've been following all of the clever ways that people organize their jewelry. For a long time, I've wanted to figure out a new and unique way to organize my necklaces. At a yard sale the other day, it finally came to me. I saw an old wooden travel chess set, with carved chess pieces, and thought, well that could be turned into something amazing.


Make a wall clock out of your favorite photos

I'm always looking for photo ideas for displaying my photographs and this wall clock is a quick and easy way to display your work. It's also a great way to show off your wedding, baby, birthday or Christmas photos without forcing your friends and family to watch 37 slide shows on your laptop.


How can we mosquito-proof our windows on a budget?

We have cats, which means our window screens have little tears here and there. Whenever we open the windows at night to cool the house down, we get eaten alive with mosquitoes slipping inside! Short of buying new window screens, how can we mosquito-proof our windows on a budget?