Make your own bloody, gothic pumpkins!

I made these bloody gothic pumpkins, and you can too! Use them for home decor, party decor, doorstops, or bookends. I used pumpkins, but there are also crafting apples, pears, flowers, and more that you can use this method on. These are so super easy to make I bet I barely need to explain. But here we go…


How do I pop my Halloween cherry?

This is my first "cold season" in the Northern Hemisphere, and I'm excited and nervous about Halloween. As an Aussie in Canada my experience covers dressing up spooky, but not much else. I would love some advice about the practical things I can do to enjoy it with friends and any visiting kids.


How do you get over your sewing anxiety and learn to sew like a bad-ass mother?

I finally broke down last year and convinced my husband to get me a starter sewing machine for my birthday. I have made some things, pillows and an amazing Star Trek Fez for DragonCon this past August. But I find myself so intimidated by my sewing machine and the lingering ghost of my mother's seamstress talents, that I can't seem to get myself to try anything else. How do you get over sewing anxiety? And are there any good alternative/offbeat sewers and blogs out there that I can follow?