A useless kitchen space becomes a super-useful magnetic chalkboard spice rack

I had this odd space in my kitchen that I didn't know how to handle. Apparently, it was some kind of pantry at one point — but now it was just a strange, shallow area covered with cork. I'd seen a few projects around Pinterest and other places where people used metal and chalkboard paint to create a magnetic spice rack and since I had a) no place for spices, and b) no better ideas for the weird space, I decided to go for it.


Make your own Conversation Hearts

What do you want your little rainbow of hearts to say? Do you wish they were flavored differently, or spelled out secret messages? Do you want more vibrant colors? Now, Homies, is your chance — because we've got the skinny on how to make your very own.


Turn a sock into a scarf for your cold little doggy

My California dogs aren't used to cold weather. On a road trip through some pretty cold weather, I improvised with a scarf for my big dog, Jackson, but I had nothing for my little one. So when my Jackson ate one of my knee high socks, I took the remaining sock and made an infinity scarf for a my little dog.

And if I can do it, so can you!


Hand-made, up-cycled, tree branch guitar rack

My hubby, Bryan, and I are both musicians, and artists — he did that guitar painting of me that you see hanging up there. He's also a carpenter who made that entire tree branch guitar rack! It was totally all his idea and his craftiness. The whole thing only took him about a day to complete — he's got skills. Here's how he pulled it off…