ADD and housework: A few tips from a first-class space cadet

I am an un-medicated adult with ADD. I have spent most of my time un-medicated, and thus rely on coping mechanisms. (Note: I TOTALLY support chemical assistance, I just haven't had any.) Even though I have an "ADD can be a bonus, not a minus!" philosophy… right now, I'm on the subject of dealing with it as a drawback. I have a super-short attention span and I suck at getting work done on anyone else's timetable. Or any timetable. OR… at all. So me and housework, planning, organizing, and housework have this love/forget relationship… But stuff has to get done somehow. Here's what I have figured out…


Dark Side of the dish soap

This idea — dish soap in a decorative bottle with a bar pourer — was apparently Martha Stewart's very first "good thing" — and it really Speak(s) to Me. I saved this awesome Pink Floyd wine bottle and used it to replace the ugly plastic bottle of soap on our counter. The result is a real Eclipse of the former bottle.


Laundry tips and tricks for pitted out shirts

I've been wearing some of my favorite basic cotton tops regularly for a few seasons. Overall they're in great shape, no holes or stains, but they're starting to get a little funky, and not in the Disco Stu kind of way. The problem is that they fit so close under my arm pits that they're becoming discolored and musky. I've tried cleaning the area with vinegar and stain removers, but it hasn't taken away the smell. Do my fellow Homies have any laundry tips and tricks dedicated to the pits?