Laundry tips and tricks for pitted out shirts

I've been wearing some of my favorite basic cotton tops regularly for a few seasons. Overall they're in great shape, no holes or stains, but they're starting to get a little funky, and not in the Disco Stu kind of way. The problem is that they fit so close under my arm pits that they're becoming discolored and musky. I've tried cleaning the area with vinegar and stain removers, but it hasn't taken away the smell. Do my fellow Homies have any laundry tips and tricks dedicated to the pits?


Cleaning under duress: The stove top

I hate cleaning, and I need a strong motivator to get me going, like an impending visit from a college friend or the soul-crushing screech of my mom's nagging. Considering that I dislike it so very hard, I've created a system of cleaning that gets things looking passable just about as fast as possible. Cleaning the oven should be done in parts. Here's how I do it…