How do I keep clutter from expanding and filling my new space!?

We're about to move into a two bedroom apartment with a den. While I am ecstatic about having a little more room — like actually having a living room — with so much more space than we currently have I am worried about it easily becoming cluttered just to fill the space. Do you have any recommendations for how to deal with an increase in square footage while ensuring it is used intentionally?


Make a filing cabinet for your laundry

Our two-adult-one-child household produces a crap-ton of laundry that drove me absolutely insane; there was always a pile in every room, and an absolute mountain of it right there beside our glorious washer and dryer. So, thanks to Pinterest, I got creative.


Matching spice jars: pretty & awesome or stupidest idea evar?

Can we talk about matching spice jars?

Half of me says "You should totally do that! It's chic, pretty, and awesome." The other half says "THAT IS THE STUPIDEST IDEA AND MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE MORE WORK FOR YOURSELF BEYOND THE JARS THEY COME IN?!" My brain literally yells that at me.

What does everyone else think? Does anyone in the real world have all their spices in matching jars?


How I learned to stop worrying and love the domestic arts

I am a shit housekeeper. My culinary background is in microwave dinners and take-out. I didn't think anything of it until it came time to move in with my now husband. We moved into a lovely house (check), I bought some lovely lipstick (check), I found a strand of pearls at a garage sale (check). So why the hell is the laundry always in a pile, the dishes never done, the floor all dirty and most of the things I cook are gross, mushy approximations of food?