Sick chickens, text art, and questionable piggy banks in this week's reader photos

February 27 |

Hi Monday. Let's do this.

I picked these photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool. Make sure to stick around for the Clicky Links at the end of the post, too!

My e-crush shared some several more glimpses of her Ukrainian flat.
She's got sky-high windows! Teal walls! Pretty little painted illustrations. Pink. Curtains.

Way rad text art, Eve!
PORK #6 coming soon!!!
Katie used a super simple backdrop here: tin foil. I love the shabby-chicness of it, despite how much I dislike the term shabby chic.
A savings bank for the express purpose of buying candy, NativeBacon? Whatever -- far beyond me to judge!
Self Inspection
Hello Droogie's hen, Red, convalesces after a dog attack in a stylish vintage tee.

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  1. Is that second piggy bank savings for somehown turning yourself into a dinosaur, or is the piggy itself expressing a desire to be a dinosaur?

    Either way it's awesome.

    4 agree
    • The idea of a piggy bank wishing it were a dinosaur makes me laugh. Love it

      2 agree
    • Oh that should of course be "some how", not whatever the disaster I originally typed says!

    • Not, sure but this was my initial thought: When I was little, there was a local children's musician named Bart Dentino. One of his more popular songs (and I think the name of one of his albums) was "I Wish I Was a Dinosaur." And I just realized I remember most of the chorus. Blast from the past FTW.

  2. is that backdrop/wall covering foil, or an emergency blanket? my gut says the latter…and it's a neat idea, ESPECIALLY when those blankets are so dang cheap.

    …they also make the wearer look like a baked potato.

    1 agrees
    • Call me crazy, but I think you just gave me my next halloween costume idea. Now if I can get my bf to be a steak …

      4 agree
      • This ^ Is SO Brilliant! Baked Potato and Steak, OMFG. You are today's winner of "best thing on the internet"

        1 agrees
    • The good news is, she totally did. I felt so bad, the day after. She didn't do anything but stand in front of an abandoned mirror and stare at herself. She has since made a full recovery and is happy as ever.

      2 agree

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