5 necklaces from Turtle Love that scream YOU'RE MY FAVORITIST PERSON!

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Turtle Love's Mother and Baby Elephant Necklace — $85, and it ships in 10 days.

It's been a hot minute since we last featured work by long-time Empire sponsor Turtle Love, which makes today's post extra exciting: they've got some of the cutest mom-and-me necklaces around, and we're ready to show 'em off!

Turtle Love's animal-themed mother-and-child necklaces are a perennial fave — in fact, I bet at least one of you got all swoony at the Mother and Baby Elephant Necklace pictured above. I personally love the use of elephants in this piece, especially since female elephants are known for their parenting skills — mama elephants are super-protective and constantly in close contact with their offspring. Elephants also travel in matriarchal packs, making this necklace a sweet gift for offbeat aunties who rock the babysitting, your daycare provider who's more like a family friend, or that Nana who always takes your kiddos to the zoo.

From wedding rings to mama necklaces, Turtle Love has got your back — and just in time for the holidays, no less. Read on to check out your options and find out how to score a necklace of your choice for free!

Mother Duck with One Baby ($85) and Mother Duck with Two Babies ($85) necklaces.

The duck necklaces (you can pair the adult with one or two ducklings) are adorbz: a charming yet understated way to bring to mind the attentive relationship mother ducks and their offspring share, just like the one you have with your kid(s). AWW!

Examples of the initial necklace. ($60)

An initial is a great way to symbolize a love you have for someone — child, parent, friend, partner. There are tons of ways to work these: you could get one for yourself with your kid's initial, give one to friend with THEIR initial. They can be like Best Friends Forever necklaces, but for grown ups!

State necklace ($85) options.

All hailing from California, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, and Maine: if you've always wanted to show some state pride, you're in luck! Turtle Love Co. offers these five states as options (psst: more states are coming soon). These necklaces have been all over the blogosphere lately (they've recently been featured on Offbeat Bride and A Practical Wedding), and for good reason — they're simple but genius.

Turtle Love is giving away a mom, state, or initial necklace to an Offbeat Mama reader!

If all of this isn't awesome enough, those of you who read Offbeat Bride may recall that Turtle Love now engraves wedding rings in YOUR handwriting and is currently giving away two vintage engagement rings to celebrate marriage equality in Maine. SO BASICALLY: if you're looking for something sweet for yourself, your partner, or a friend, Turtle Love has all of the love-inspired ornamentation you need. Head on over and get on with the gifting!

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  1. I would love the elephant necklace but to honour my dad but unfortunately this seems to only be available to those in the US.

    2 agree
    • Buh? From Turtle Love's site:

      International Priority Mail to the UK, Australia and Canada is at a flat rate of $27, and International Express Mail is $36. Please contact us for information about other shipping methods or destinations.

      More info: http://www.turtleloveco.com/Articles.asp?ID=39

      If you have questions about shipping, I'd suggest contacting Turtle Love directly.

      2 agree
  2. Love the elephant! I have been waiting for one like that. Though it would be hella awesome to see an octopus mommy necklace….

    5 agree

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