Eco and body friendly menstruation products from Lunapads (+ offbeat discount!)

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Hipster Lunapanties are the most comfortable AND natural protection for lighter days of your period.
Ladies, it has happened. I've gone to Lunapanties land.

Last month I posited a few postpartum menstruation questions to all of you, and you MORE than supplied me with answers. I found out about things I didn't even know existed (hi, DivaCup!), and in the process, exchanged emails with the ladies behind Lunapads. They sent over a whole host of their natural, washable pads and one fantastically purple pair of Hipster Lunapanties for me to try out. So, you know, I did.

Lunapanties are perhaps the most ingenious period solution I've ever come across. I'll admit — at first, the idea of padded underwear sounded a little too much like a diaper for me to bend my head around. I expected something huge, bulky, and incredibly uncomfortable. Instead, as soon as I tried them on I knew I had found a bit of menstrual protection that would work and was super comfortable — basically, it doesn't get much better than organic cotton underwear with a fleece gusset panel to boot. In fact, I spent my whole period waiting for the last two days so I could wear the Lunapanties, because they are that fucking awesome. They were actually, dare I say, cute?

Lunapads, on the other hand, were a product I was at least more familiar with, if only by design. While they may appear similar to their plastic counterparts, these pads are definitely more comfortable (no one's lying to you when they say cotton breathes), and colorful. The pads come in a variety of colors and sizes (mini, maxi, long and heavy), and you can also purchase additional inserts. They're easy to wear and machine washable, so cleaning is easy! I live in an apartment, so I simply rinsed the pads at home after use, let them dry, and stored them in a Lunapads mesh bag until laundry day.

The only problem I had with my Lunapads was that I found that my flow was a little too heavy on the heaviest of days — and this first postpartum period wasn't tremendously heavy. This is probably the kind of thing that takes some getting used to, but for my first cotton pad go-around, I wanted to make sure I was covered, so I used a back-up pad.

That said, I really like that Lunapads products are environmentally friendly. It's a given that reusable, washable pads and pantyliners are infinitely better for the planet than their disposable, plastic counterparts. Lunapads are made from 100% cotton flannel (with organic available) and fleece.

So my over-all review? Lunapanties: surprisingly cute, but only for use on light-to-average period days. Cotton pads: need to get used to how to deal with heavier flow days, but definitely a success.

Wanna try them for yourself? Lunapanties and
Liner Insert sets are on sale for the month of June 2011 on for 15% off regular price! Plus, Offbeat Mama readers get an additional 15% off any order over $50 with discount code OFFBEAT (code expires August 31st 2011.)

  1. If you're finding your flow is too heavy for the Lunapads, you might want to try using more than one liner at a time. I use Goddess Moon pads, and each pad comes with two liners, so you can use both at once for heavy days, one for 'normal' days, and just the outer winged pad for lighter flow. I love them!

    • i have some that are cotton with a fleece bottom (forgot the name) that are good for whatever kind of period day I'm having.

  2. Ok, so I love Lunapads. Incredible invention that actually makes having your period as much of a no big deal as possible (actually, when I first tried em last month, I thought they made my period fun. I was so looking forward to trying them!) They work. They rock. They make you love the natural female body and not be grossed out by it (oh, and no itch that some of us experience with the irritation from disposable pads). I'd love to try the lunapanties Thong / Briefs.

  3. So cool – I haven't started menstrating again since giving birth but I have decided to make the switch – I would love to try the underwear – they are so cool!

  4. I've recently bought a cup (by another brand available over here though) and I love it. As the last two days of my period literally only consist of a few drops (and using the cup made that really obvious) I'd love to try lunapanties (hipster), because that sounds very simple and hassle free (and pretty).

  5. I totally want to try out the Lunapanties!!! those look so Cute!!! I've just started having monthly periods agaon after being on BC that had me only having them 4 times a year, and they were super light. Now that I'm back to a more frequent, heavier flow, I'm looking to use less tampons and disposables and such. And the Panties are SUPER cute…

  6. I would like to try the Lunapanties. The thought of wearing them at night sounds great…ok, the thought of wearing them at anythime sounds great, no slipping etc. I have to admit I need to get a Hankypack.

  7. I love the idea of having the lunapanties in the brief style- when aunt flo shows up I'm all about comfort- nobody is going to see my granny pantied hiney anyway but they are fairly stylish too!

  8. I've tried a couple different things, and regularly use GladRags and the Keeper. I'd like to try the Diva Cup, to see if it works better than my Keeper, which leaks a bit.

    I'd suggest what someone else said about adding extra liners, and maybe changing more often for heavy days. I find that I sometimes have to change every 2 hours on my heaviest days (when I'm not also using my Keeper).


    • You should seriously try the DivaCup. I started using it a few months ago, and I absolutely love it. Not only is it way more comfortable and convenient than tampons, but I love (love, love, love) not having to buy lots of tampons and then Throw Them Away. But I guess you're already sold on that point, if you have a keeper….

      The DivaCup doesn't leak, though on heavier days I've found that I have to empty it 3 times a day rather than twice. This was not at all a problem once I realised it!

      Seriously. DivaCup = the best.

  9. I am another fan of the DivaCup… I ordered it from Lunapads because they had the best price of anywhere near me, and both times I had to buy one (my first one met an untimely demise)they shipped it out super fast!

  10. I've often thought about using Lunapads but couldn't be bothered with the laundry (I know, I know!!) but now that I am cloth diapering it seems like they would be no big deal to wash at all. I'm definitely going to pick some up when my period resumes. (and for the prize, I'm most curious about the panties for sure!!!)

  11. Have been meaning to switch over to Lunapads, but somehow have still not done it. Would love to win the pads & liners intro kit to get me going! Thx Lunapads!

  12. I LOVE the the idea/look of the Lunapanties! It's like a better way of the do-it-yourself type of thing I'd have to do when I would be in an emergency…and thought that it seemed more comfortable and smart than the normal methods.

  13. Wait, I don't quite understand the concept behind Lunapanties. Do you just menstruate onto the panties themselves? Or what?

    I love, love, love my cloth pads. They are so much more comfortable than disposable, plus I swear my period doesn't last as long when I use the cloth. That's all really important to me, since I haven't been able to hold in any of the insertable type of products since labor. (No, not even a Diva. Sigh…)

    • The Lunapanties can be worn with cloth inserts or on their own — if on their own, it's probably best that you use them on super light days. They're padded, and I've found very hand for the first day (if you don't know when during the day your period will start and don't want to be caught without anything) or the very last day (assuming it's super light for you). They're also VERY comfortable!

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