How to stave off questions about drinking while pregnant

August 3 | Guest post by Gillie Easdon
Perhaps one too many? Photo by Ashley.

I was at a party. I was pregnant. Someone handed me a half glass of wine, and I drank it. And there it was — the crack of the whip glare. At first I thought I was projecting (my rule was one-ish on a full stomach, with lots of water, to be totally honest) so I turned to the glarer, a friend of mine, who was already a mom.

"You didn't drink when you were pregnant, did you?"
"No," her tone was short and sharp.

I did not have another alcoholic beverage in a large social gathering again while pregnant. Not because I thought it was wrong, but because it simply was not worth the hassle. I wanted to enjoy that glass of wine or beer thoroughly, when I chose to have it. I did my research. I had made my decision.

There are many hot topics with pregnancy. Alcohol, caffeine, home births, hospitals, the placenta, epidurals, caesarians…blah blah blah. You name it — a pregnant woman's body is everybody's business. Coping with this can prove more tiring than growing a little foot, a little brain, a precious little spine.

As a rule, I don't lie. As a fact, I can't lie (head on collision poker face), so the two kind of work well together. Besides, if I am lying about what I am doing, how good could I possibly be feeling about the choice I made?

This is what I did to avoid waddling around with guns blazing all the time, so my body could focus on the real heart and meat of my pregnancy. May it serve someone else well too.

Person who is not you: How could you have a single drop of alcohol?
You: I like your sweater.
Person who is not you: Are you having caffeine?
You: Did you get your hair cut?
Person who is not you: Are you going to use a pacifier?
You: How is your little Bobby doing?
Person who is not you: Are you going to have a home or hospital birth?
You: That bracelet really suits the shape of your wrist!

Remember, people love to talk about themselves, and frankly it is nice to talk about something other than your pregnancy, so it works for everybody. Go team bebe!

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