Spooky boobies: How to make a DIY pentagram cage bra

DIY Pentagram Bra
Thanks to Alex for uploading this pic to our Flickr pool.

Still looking for something to wear on Halloween? Check out Homie Alex Tinsley's (of peeing in your wedding dress fame) pentagram cage bra tutorial.

Here's an excerpt:

I decided, exactly one week before I need to have a halloween costume, that my witchy-demony-scary-thing ensemble would be absolutely incomplete without one of those sassy pentagram cage things. Seriously, what is even the point of Halloween if I can't call down dark spirits with my lady lumps, amIright? Now honestly I probably would've happily paid $25 for one on etsy, but I am pretty sure it wouldn't have made it here in time, so in desperation, I turned to my old nemesis… sewing.

Head over here to see the step-by-step guide to calling down the dark spirits with your lovely lady lumps.

  1. Thank you!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! I have been tinkering and trying to make my own cage bra to no avail, I me some directions to follow. I heart this g-dammed website!

  2. No no no! I decided recently I want a cage bra (and to not spend a lot of money on it) so I came back to this after seeing it forever ago, but the linked blog is no longer 🙁

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