First home? Big event? Major life goal? Get what you need to make it happen with Deposit a Gift

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From toilets to doors, Deposit a Gift has got your Offbeat Home covered.
We've talked about cash registries on Offbeat Bride a lot, but no big surprise, online cash registries are great for more than just weddings.

Just bought a house and planning a house warming party after you make some improvements? Running a charity event? Finally decided to make that big move? Start the business of your dreams? Adopt a child? Take a trip to Japan? Graduations and Bat Mitzvahs? With Deposit a Gift you can register for anything, from charities, home updates, to your biggest life goals!

And while you may be familiar with the concept of cash registries, there are some awesome features about Deposit a Gift that you may not be familiar with:

  • Password protection for those of you want to keep your plans on the down-low.
  • Pre-made gift lists from honeymoons, first homes, or milestone events, they've got a pre-made list for you!
  • Registry design options — 200 templates to choose from.
  • International currency-friendly.
  • Giving gifts is so easy your grandparents can do it.
  • Deposit a Gift is also protected by Verisign's highest level of encryption, so your money is always safe.

And now for the best feature of all…

The site's founder Dana herself! Got a question? Got a suggestion? Not sure where to go from here? Dana's got your back, just like she did for all these happy folks and many Offbeat Brides.

Beyond it being a useful way to let your gang know what you really need,

Deposit a Gift is a great way to share the fun of achieving your hopes and dreams — your friends and family will always be a part of that experience because they helped make it happen. Now it's up to YOU to take the first steps to make it happen, by signing up for Deposit a Gift for free.

If this post gives you deja vu, it's because it was accidentally published early a couple weeks ago.

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  1. 8 toilets, 5 bathtubs, but only one showerhead? That is one messed up house!

    1 agrees
  2. Question. I was already looking into using this service. But if I get to the website from here instead of google, you guys get money since they're sponsors, right?

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