Great idea of the day: Turn regular twigs into whimsical dancing sticks for your garden

July 9 |
Photo by Ashbee Design.

David and Marji are the brilliant minds behind Ashbee Design and my new favorite things ever: these magical red dancing sticks made from little more than string, a single screw eye, and sticks you can collect from your backyard.

The best thing is the two have a tutorial for making your own versions… so far you get your fill from their site, you can get crafty and make your own yard or local walking trail a little happier.

What you need

While the supplies are fairly easy to come by, the equipment necessary may not be. Either you can follow the instructions on Ashbee Design and get creating, or you can happily marvel over the sweet delicacy of the dancing sticks.

  1. I've never seen "blair witch" but I immediately thought of them as being tiny Ents from LOTR! Red Ents…..

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  2. Thanks for featuring our Dancing Red Sticks. The phenomenon has grown and we have made more continuing to hide them on the trails near our home. They bring smiles to everyone! Here is a link to an additional post showing photos of some of the woods locations. See Red Sticks in the Woods. These are much more dynamic! Enjoy.

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