Love It Love It Love It: the happiest brightly colored housewares on the interwebs

March 10 | offbeatbride
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Aww, cutest little smiley grow pots.


I've been writing for years about how UK-based Love It Love It Love It lives up to its name… from way back when I had a teeny baby who I liked to dress in their very brightly colored, very gender neutral stuff. But now, friends. BUT NOW!! They're bringing their brightly colored awesome eye to the world of housewares.

This is good news because I no longer have a teeny baby to dress in tiny cute bright baby clothes… As those of you who follow my Instagram Stories on @offbeatbride's insta account know, that teeny baby is now HUGE. He's almost 67.7 pounds and 4' 2", he'd like you to know. So while I no longer have wee beebee to put in bright colors, I still have a wee house to fill with bright colors. Let's look together, we?

(Also, part of the fun with Love It Love It Love it is that the owner Ruth writes product descriptions that are cheeky AF. You'll see…)

From Ruth's description: "Peepo! A red cat pops up on both sides of this white ceramic mug. A decent sized chunky adult mug, for tea, coffee, liquids in general, really. I mean, you could put pens in it if you want. Or lentils or something. You probably know how mugs work."
Ok, this party decor pack is probably meant for children but I'm like ok this is perfect for my 42nd birthday party. The product description for this reads: "This dream themed party box contains all you need* for a party for 8 children. It's printed with unicorns, rainbows, shooting stars and lollipops. *except games that are guaranteed to make at least one child burst in to tears because they didn't win, and a stiff gin for you for afterwards"
I have warm awesome feels about this print, which has both a whale and a fox.


Ruth notes that this mushroom mug has an odd shape: "Unusual, almost bowl shaped china mug, which is both wide and short." WIDE AND SHORT. Yes.


SNACK STACK. Let's say that a whole bunch of times in a row. Ruth notes "this gorgeous set of 3 ceramic snack bowls is ideal for dinner parties or as a gift for someone you really like. Yourself, for example."
Penguins are totally the new put a bird on it. I swear. This mobile proves it.

…and of course for those of you who have kids, Love It Love It Love It pretty much nails bright gender-neutral baby and kid clothes the wall of perfection:

  1. It makes me giggle that Offbeat Home is featuring brightly colored home stuff at the same time that Offbeat Bride is featuring all black home stuff.

    2 agree

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