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Let's talk about body love. Not that kind of body love (though we like that, too), but rather loving and respecting your body as it is (and not how you think it should be — smaller, bigger, greener, more made of money, etc.). That's why we are psyched about this online course called Summer of Body Love offered by Everyday Feminism. You may have seen this course from Everyday Feminism over on Offbeat Families, and we thought this one was totally worth talking about as well!

In this course, you'll work with a bonafide body image coach to take back control over your own mind and how you perceive you "should" look, and start enjoying all the new free time you'll have that normally gets sucked into the body shame cycle.

If you struggle with self-esteem or body insecurity (and seriously, who doesn't sometimes?), this course will change your whole attitude. You'll get support in applying techniques to your life through group coaching calls, forum access, and an online community of feminists all seeking greater body acceptance.

The course is only $79 and registration ends June 14th, so head over and grab a spot now!

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