You're about to watch so many birth videos you'll be weepy by lunch time

Betsy Lee recently sent us a link to video shot while her daughter was born. The video, which was filmed by One Tree Cinema, is stunning. All of this beauty had me wondering: are there more fantastic birth videos out there?

I did a quick Vimeo search and stumbled into quite a few that I'm happy to share today. They cover a wide spectrum of births — home births, hospital births, and even a VBAC. Just to warn you guys: all of these are set to amazingly perfect music, filled with joy, and completely weepy. You're probably going to cry, even if you don't usually.

Here's Betsy Lee's video:

I think video is an amazing format — and perfect for capturing something like this. I don't have a video of my son's birth, but I'd love it if I did.

Oliver Thomas: Birth Story — by Zach Wear

The Birth of Baby Koa — by Rachel Sheperd

Lucy's Timelapse: this is a slideshow created of photos from the very beginning of the pregnancy all the way to the birth. I love it! — by LOCKDOWN projects

Ellie's Birth: this mama used self-hypnosis during her birth! — by Traci Turchin

The homebirth of Lucia Mae — by Sarah Janssen

Birth of Sofia — by Michael Simon

Fae's Birth — by Conor Berry

I'm not weepy ENOUGH! If you have an amazing birth video to share, leave a link in the comments!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting! Isn't it incredible to see so many wonderful birth films?

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  2. Just the push I needed for those tears sloshing around in my system.Also, Traci's baby Ellie is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

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  3. Wish I could watch them all. Now I really need to get a true internet connection, rather than Verizon's mobile data thingy on my phone, since they just capped it starting today and these videos will push me over! *searches for nearest WiFi signal*

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  4. Dude, I'm getting choked up and teary reading the descriptions and looking at the stills. No way am I clicking on any of those things! πŸ™‚

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  5. love these videos. Can anyone tell me the song being played on Oliver Thomas's film? Tried to trck-id but it won't find the name xxx

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  6. Oh man, I started bawling right when they started singing on the first one. Such great music, and I'm only two videos in. I can't show the hubby, though, as we are fighting off some pretty fierce baby fever, and all those daddies holding their babies with such love would probably tip us over the edge (one of us has to be the strong one…)

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  7. when you asked for birth videos last week, i can't explain how excited it made me. they're all so beautiful. now i want to make my own. haha :]

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  8. I cried during Betsy's video and I did not expect to at all! That was just amazing. Now to watch the others! πŸ™‚

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  9. Darn you Offbeat Mamma! This is almost enough to make me want to do it all over again!

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  10. ive totally got baby fever right now…cant tell if this is helping or making it worse :p love the videos, they are beautiful!!

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