We used stripes to turn our garage into a beachy Mexican backdrop to the patio

August 22 | Guest post by Alexson
We went from blah to ooh la la, and lost about 10 pounds of water weight in 8 hours.

8:00 A.M., 88 degrees: We rise and shine. We peek out the back window and see:

We are sad.

8:30 A.M., 94 degrees: After some donuts, I don my work jorts and $2 flippies.

9:00 A.M., 98 degrees: We pick and peel and sand the offending garage wall. We acknowledge it looks shitty. We are soaked with sweat.

9:15 A.M., 101 degrees, no joke: I artfully arrange our weapons of the day.

10:30 A.M., 108 degrees: We complete Project Part One: Glidden Caribe. We squint eyes and tilt heads and hope for the best as we push onward, ever onward.

High noon, 115 degrees: Project Parts Two and Three — Glidden Ivy Topiary and Sliced Cucumber — applied. Jorts have been removed and your humble blogger is painting in a swimsuit. Hubs loses three pounds of water weight in an hour.

3:00 P.M., 400 degrees, hellish humidity: Project Part Four — Martha's Acuaba Teal — is complete and touch-ups have been applied. Eyes squint again, necks crane, painting duo agrees to never paint outdoors on such a hot day again, even if in a few hours we still think it looks weird.

4:00 P.M.: Eye pallets cleansed, we silly homeowners agree — the stripes Are Good.

Allow me to dazzle you with our amazing painting-in-the-line skillz, y'all. What, what!

Now, we are the proud owners of an outdoor living space that looks delightfully beachy, with a dash of Mexican restaurant. So much better than staring at a blah tan wall when we hang out on the patio. Bold move, right?

  1. Beautiful! A few of those brightly colored glazed Mexican pots around the exterior would turn the hacienda dial up to 11!

    1 agrees
  2. Love!! <3 I'm all for people painting things colours that people don't expect… Does that make sense lol.

  3. "Allow me to dazzle you with our amazing painting-in-the-line skillz, y'all. What, what!"

    I am amazed and amused! The paint job looks super fantastic and you provided great commentary!

  4. Awesome! And, as someone who has great difficulty even colouring within the lines, let alone painting, respect for your mad in-line skillz!

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