How did your baby change your life?

WANT BABY. Photo by shanelkalicharan, used under Creative Commons license.
I'm way past the age where everyone I know is getting pregnant. At 33, I'm at the age where many of my friends are having their second child and dealing with toddlers. But, for me, this is the age where I'm finally considering having a baby of my own. Considering is not the word. Obsessing. CRAVING.

Maybe it's because I'm no longer sane about it but I feel like a baby is just going to fit right into my life (parents out there, I can hear you laughing!). My husband is terrified, but I'm ready to just jump in. I get that bringing new life into the world is life-changing. I get that my life will become more difficult. Perhaps it's something you can't understand until you have one, but I want to try.

How did having a baby REALLY change your life? — Sara

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