Kurt Cobain's childhood home is for sale — anyone in Aberdeen need a roomie?

The childhood of Kurt Cobain is totally for sale — if you have $500,000 to spare. Considering the average home price in Aberdeen, Washington is around $80,000, you'll definitely be paying that extra zillion dollars for the memories. BUT OH WHAT MEMORIES THEY ARE — who WOULDN'T want to live in the room that has a wall that Kurt punched a hole through? I'm serious, Homies. Let's take a gander…


Geeks Raising Geeks: a website for any geek helping raise a child + $50 ThinkGeek giveaway

Calling all geeks currently parenting or kind-of-sort-of-maybe planning to parent in the future: there's a resource out there for you. Geeks Raising Geeks is your dream mix of GeekDad/GeekMom and Buzzfeed: they've got everything from providing inspiration for geeky-themed rooms to offering lessons on how to be a gentleman that they learned from Super Mario Brothers. I know, right?!


Let's geek out about going on a self-guided Pretty In Pink tour

I recently shot a wedding in LA and had the happy fortune of being able to stay with Megan (as in the Associate Publisher of the Empire) while in town. One night in the trip one of my all-time favorite movies Pretty in Pink came on today, and I mentioned that it would be OMG AMAZING if we could go on a tour of all the places in the movie. It turns out that's pretty easy to do… so we did it.


Realizing that "long-term relationship" is a choice

I'm 28, and my friend circle (both close and extended) is definitely experiencing the first wave of divorces. As someone who regularly contemplated divorce for two years, I can see the appeal: freeeeeeeeeedom. I'm also someone who is adamantly pro-divorce: if it's not working and you want out, get out. To me, divorce is nothing to be ashamed of regardless of the reasons leading up to it. But yet… I remain un-divorced. Like I said, I'm even happy about it. Why?