Hey Homies, what's up? I wanna hear from you!

Hey Homies, it's me — Megan, the editor of Offbeat Home! I'm writing all y'all a personal little post because, well, I miss you. I feel like I haven't heard from you in a while.

Maybe because it's summer, maybe because we're all growing up and adulting super hard now, or maybe it's because Facebook algorithms suck and we aren't showing up in your feed as much, but we're getting less and less submissions from you guys. Let's fix that…


I hate being pregnant and it's totally okay

I hate being pregnant.

There. I said it.

Does it mean that I’m going to hate motherhood? Absolutely NOT! Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my child. I just haven’t enjoyed the journey of pregnancy.

Let’s face it, pregnancy isn’t all about “glowing” and the occasional bout of heartburn. Well, maybe it is for some people but it definitely hasn’t been for me.


What unexpected things did you want when you were new parents?

I understand how useful those are (I intend to help buy a duffle bag and stuff it full of diapers!) but I wanted to know if there were any items or helpful suggestions that would be useful for me to give or do for new parents. What "strange" or "unusual" items will be useful for the new parents? What unexpected items did you not have that you wish you did have when you were new parents?