12 unusual gift ideas from real SoKind Registries

The question is what gifts do you really need for your house warming or baby registry? SoKind knows that your most-needed gifts don't always fit in a box. That's why they just went through the eye-crossing task of scouring a few hundred of their real-life SoKind registries, and pulled out 11 real gift ideas, perfect for your house or baby-having times…


"You should wait to have kids": How do you deal with the parenting naysayer

One thing I've been so curious about as a newlywed person is "baby advice" — and not the "when are you having a baby" question, but actually the exact opposite. My husband and I have had numerous family members (with children) tell us we should wait ten years for kids of our own. I'm wondering about how other Homies are dealing with the parenting naysayers. Are other couples are dealing with the shaming around becoming parents along with the pressure to procreate after getting married?


Halloween style: Get gothic from head to toe

Over on our sister site Offbeat Bride, we rounded up a bunch of goodies from our sponsors for Halloween weddings. Most of these things aren't just for weddings at all though. So please to enjoy, Halloween fashions and gifts for all!