How do I decide to be a homemaker… and feel good about it?

I live on the East Coast. My partner lives on the West Coast. So far, the distance has been manageable. Here is the other catch: He was initially the one considering moving, but has incredible career prospects where he is living. One that will bring in enough income that I wouldn't have to work.

How can I reconcile my fears about becoming a homemaker?


In praise of the "Weird Moms"

We've all seen it: tenacious and spectacular women — those whom Kerouac would call The Mad Ones — rounding their edges after their children were born, getting lost in chasing small beasts around with rags and screaming their burning questions about the status of little hands; are they washed or not?! Those of us who occupy the role of Weird Mom have a very difficult job cut out for us…


Get scary nerdy with these geeky Jack-o-Lantern stencils!

While brainstorming ideas for our Halloween wedding, the first project my guy and I agreed on were these nerdy Jack-o-Lanterns. We wanted them to cover a broad range of our interests from comic books, to TV fandoms, and classic literature. In the spirit of love, we want you to steal this idea for your Halloween pumpkins! All of the templates we have are pre-sized and ready for you to print and carve.