I'm bad at vacations: Or, how I know what burning pee smells like

I've never been spectacular at relaxing. Most of the time when we go on vacation I spend the whole time trying to make sure we have enough fun to justify the expense and the upheaval of our daily routines. I come by this honestly, because of my early family vacations. So starting to vacation as an adult I was wired to mimic the bad vacations, because that was the only definition of a vacation I had ever known.

Perhaps this is why I have so many bad vacation stories…

Secrets from a makeup artist: The best makeup for mature skin

As a makeup artist, I have worked on nearly every type of face there is, including mature talent from middle age to quite elderly. Working on mature clientele — or working on yourself if your skin is starting to show signs of “maturity” — is just a matter of knowing how products work on the skin, and what products to use, and when.

For successful makeup for mature skin, there are two equally important components: Selection of proper cosmetic products — which we will get to in a minute — and prepping the skin thoroughly with proper skincare…


Telling my Facebook-obsessed family I don't want photos of my kid online

As I consider having a kid, one thing I feel very strongly about is not blasting photos of them all over social media. Preserving my future child's privacy and right to choose is something I feel strongly about. But, I don't even think something like that crosses my share-everything-on-Facebook family members' minds. Any advice on how, or when, to broach this subject? I don't want to become that mom who bites anyone's head off who posts a photo of my kid on the internet. But I also want people to think before they post.