If I don't know you, I won't talk to you: why I have a cruel blacklisting app on my phone

While attending a small film festival a few years ago, I made the mistake of texting my vote for the festival's best film. Within a couple days, my phone number had been sold to marketers and I started receiving a ton of text spams.

This made me very angry. I was already dealing with telemarketers calling my mobile, trying to sell me mortgage refinancing and carpet cleaning, and now I had to deal with shitty text spamming too? It started getting to the point where half the time my phone made a noise, it was a voicemail from a telemarketer or a text spam.


Fancy-ass cute shower caps are kind of awesome (especially if you're doing "no 'poo")

The whole "no 'poo" form haircare is growing in popularity, but for those of us who A) used to have dreads or hair extensions or B) are lazy slobs, it's just the way things go. I spent 1999-2001 with a crazy assemblage of dreads and extensions, and only washing my hair once a month. Then I spent 2006-2011 wearing my hair in two pink-tipped braids all day, every day, and only washed my hair twice a month. It was awesome and it worked great.

It did mean, however, that I needed to use a shower cap to keep my hair dry when I wasn't washing it in the shower. And lemme tell you, there are some CUTE options…


How can I start talking to my partner about opening our relationship?

I've been dating my wonderful boyfriend for six years and I love him very much. Over the last year though, I've started to change my beliefs on monogamy and have read quite a few books on polyamory (Including Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships). I really feel like it's a lifestyle I would like to pursue in some form, but including my current boyfriend. I've tried to ease into the subject with my boyfriend in the least threatening way I can think of (only relationships with other women, I've never mentioned other men), but he gets defensive and shuts the conversation down. How can we talk about this?


Offbeat Home is now Offbeat Home & LIFE!

We got this same feedback again and again: "I'm not a bride, not a mom, not a homeowner, so where's my site?" And it exactly describes Offbeat Home's editor, Megan. She edits Offbeat Home from the exact perspective. Clearly we have a disconnect between who we think Offbeat Home is targeted to, and who feels welcomed here. Here's how we plan to change that…