Holiday cards: this thing I never used to do that I started genuinely enjoying for some reason

A funny thing has happened over the past few years: suddenly, I totally look forward to doing holiday cards. It should be noted that I'm not especially into holidays — I spent my 20s mostly ignoring them, and then once I switched to being self-employed in my 30s, I find that I can't even keep track of when most holidays are happening. I'm not a big seasonal decorator, nor do I get especially into the holiday spirit each winter.

But, oddly, the past couple years have found me becoming an increasingly huge fan of holiday cards.


The internet, the self, the furries, and you: we need to all watch this presentation so we can talk about it

In September, I went to a conference down in Portland called XOXO Festival. One speaker named Mike Rugnetta gave a talk called Disintermediation of Self. In it, Mike poked deep into the bowels of social psychology of both identity development, and community development on the internet. This talk was SO up my alley. Like, custom-catered to the things I like to think about. And with this talk, Mike's basically stared deep into the deepest, weirdest parts of the Offbeat Empire readership's minds. HE KNOWS, you guys. HE KNOWS. You need to watch this talk, and we need to talk about it.


Changing my underwear: how merino undies got me to change teams after 20 years of wearing Jockeys

A random piece of TMI you should know about me: I have been wearing the same underwear since 1991. No, not the same pairs, but the same style — a very basic black cotton string bikini from Jockey. They're practical but a little flirty, functional and easy to order in bulk. They have been on my butt since I was in high school, and mostly I just don't really think about them at all. But after two decades, I've finally changed teams. I've got new underwear, inspired by literature and mildew. Lemme explain…


What are your relationship's job titles?

My partner Andreas and I celebrated our 15th hookupiversary last New Years. Next year will be our 10th wedding anniversary. People, we have been together a LONG time. I remember being 22, already chewed up and spit out by two dysfunctional long-term relationships, feeling like I was already so old and jaded and damaged. (Oh, sweet baby Ariel! Adorable!)

15 years later, we've had a lot of time to figure out what works best for us in our relationship. About five years in, we realized that our relationship responsibilities generally fell into these job titles:

I was the Director of Logistics. He was the VP of Emotional Support.