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Thank you for your patience with us while we dealt with the longest downtime we've ever experienced in our almost 3 years of publication. Here's more info.


Caroline Rothstein on feminism and bikini waxes

…Yet here I am, month in and month out, dropping my pants for a stranger, letting her slide hot, green, organic wax along my vulva, around my labia, and across my lower abdomen with a thick, pale wooden popsicle stick just so I can feel “clean.” How can I subject a part of my body with such a complicated narrative to this hedonistic ritual and still call myself a feminist?


Lifehacks for living alone

Full of helpful advice like how to avoid falling out of bed when you've had too many drinks while watching Downton Abbey, and the note that cats are … almost people!


My summer reading list: three books about America, and one about bridesicles

Ever since I figured out last year that no screentime for an hour before bed made it waaaay easier for me to fall asleep, I have been on a reading BINGE. Mostly fiction, mostly fun, and mostly AWESOME. This summer in particular I've been on a roll with some really great books, and figured I'd circle up with y'all to compare notes.

Oddly, three of the four books I've read recently have had "America" in the title, so evidently I'm on a patriotic theme. Come with me?