The no-kill Christmas tree

My mom does not like cutting down trees, so she refuses to do traditional Christmas trees. She also hates plasticky stuff, so no fake trees. She's since developed a perfect no-kill Christmas tree. It's conical! It's solid! It smells delicious! Here's how she does it.


Tackle Box Boys: Honoring those who don't make it out

In January 1997, I hosted a housewarming at my new place in San Francisco's Lower Haight neighborhood. It was a particularly debaucherous weekend. The house filled with glamorous and skanky people, skateboards lining the long Victorian hall downstairs. One roommate asked me if I would tell my friends to move their boards, and I reported that only one friend had his skateboard there (my semi-boyfriend, John, visiting from Seattle). My roomies and I had a shared moment of realizing the house was full of people we didn't know. Shortly afterward, someone started smoking crack in the kitchen…


Let's talk about all the skin gloops in my medicine cabinet

It recently occurred to me that I have a shit-load of skin creams, oils, washes, and various other gloops in my medicine cabinet. Like, way more than I should have. Some of them should be cycled out because I never use them, but I have surprisingly strong opinions about others of them. Like, it's just gloop. Why am I so obsessed with these gloops? I cannot tell you, but I figured that if I'm obsessed with my gloops, you might be obsessed with yours, and maybe we can discuss our gloops. Ready?


Meet our final round of reader patrons: LK & Deyanna

As Megan mentioned in her post last month, September is likely the final month that we'll be running Offbeat Home & Life's Patron program, where in exchange for financially supporting the site, readers can join us behind the scenes for up-close-n-personal editorial schemes. Readers can totally still support the site through a one-time donation, $5/mo warm fuzzies subscription, or $50/year warmmest fuzziest subscription, but we're going to let the Patron program quietly retire.

THAT SAID! I have two Patrons to introduce to you today. One of them is private and goes only by her initials, and the other may be a familiar face for those of you who also read Offbeat Bride…