You could recycle those leftover diaper boxes… or you could make your own AT-AT out of them

June 26 | Guest post by Kelly McQuinlan
All photos by Kelly.

I have a dozen nappies boxes sitting around, and recently decided (whether out of a fit of stay-at-home-mum induced anxiety or just total creativity) to make an AT-AT out of them. My son naturally destroyed it three days later, but once he did I was able to snap a few shots of how I set up the structure in the first place:

First, I used two boxes for the body, one full one for the middle, and a split box for the outer bits.

I then used a third box to use as legs and main support for my creation. I folded these like a triangle to give it the most support and attached them to the body.

I then made the other two legs to look more like my creation. So that the body and support legs could still slightly rest on these two legs, I've made them strong enough not to bend. The top and bottom part of the legs are basically three bits of cardboard taped together (with a circle to sit on the knee and hip).

I then threaded each piece into each other and taped some more for support.

I taped these to the body and used a small cardboard bracket behind them to hold them firm.

And then I finally added the head! I made a neck to hold it to the body by just using the corrugated portion of the cardboard to my advantage by rolling it along the corrugated part, and made a pretty basic head .

And voilà! My Star Wars AT-AT attempt, aka imperial walker… or as my mum calls it "the dinosaur."

  1. This is definitely going to be the first art project I do with my baby when she is born!

    1 agrees

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