A rainbow dinette, one red-and-blue-and-yellow house in Illinois, and a home built into Arizona boulders in this week's reader photos

April 16 |

Hey hey! A new week dawns and as always we start with some unusual home finds from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool. I hope they make your week a little brighter.

Bitsandbobbins made this stellar rainbow table runner last week. Apparently the theme of her dining area is 'canary yellow and rainbow' to which I say ROCK ON!

sewing room
Mich finished up her LOVELY red and blue and polka dot sewing room.
Eve! HIGH FIVE for this rad peacock find!
What's With That House?
Primary colors for the WIN! Caught by ChicagoGeek in Winnetka, Illinois.
Tent Near Drikung Til Sky Burial Site
Lyle Vincent traveled Tibet and caught this inCREDible tent near a sky burial site.
Stone House Vermilion Cliffs US 89A Arizona
Al_HikesAZ caught this stone house, built among mushroom rocks in Arizona in the '30s. Story goes, Blanche Russel's car broke down in the area in 1927, and she loved the landscape so much she bought a piece of land and built this home.

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  1. sweet, you featured my sewing room
    I promise to do a bigger better tour of it for you soon

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