We want to hear all about YOUR Offbeat Home & Life!

Offbeat Home & Life is about sharing the voice of nontraditional types, and so we're always looking for words and photos from folks from a wide range of backgrounds, lifestyles, and experiences. If you've ever read this site and thought, "But there's no one here who reflects MY life…" then it's time to get submitting!

Alternately, if you've ever read a post here and thought "That sucks, I could do better…" then it's DEFINITELY time to get submitting. 🙂

What kind of posts are we looking for?

We like both homey stuff AND lifestyle stuff like relationships, career, budget, and family……

Home-related posts we love:

  • Cleaning/Organizing: clever ways to keep spaces neat and tidy
  • Food: eating, cooking, baking, recipes!
  • It Worked For Me: your personal stories about what you've learned from your home and life experiences
  • Pets: furry, scaly, winged, offbeat friends (bonus points for non-cat posts. We get a LOT of cat submissions.)
  • Rental realizations: many of our readers are renters. What tips do you have for making the most of a rental?

Life-related posts we love:

  • Relationships: We're all about inclusivity, so we want to hear from you whether you identify as gay, straight, queer, asexual, or something else. How do you navigate the day-to-day realities of keeping your relationship sturdy and loving? How do you introduce a new lover to your fandom-filled bathroom? How does your cat respond to you having sex on the couch with someone they haven't yet approved of?
  • Budget & Career: How do you grow your career? Any tips for applying to grad school? What budgeting hacks have you figured out to help you save for your goals?
  • Families: As of October 2013, we're folding Offbeat Families into Offbeat Home & Life! Although our Families content will be a bit different… We want to hear about your unique perspectives on the role family plays in your life — think less "kids and parenting" and more "adult family dynamics" and living as a family in small or unusual spaces. A good tip to considering if your Family-related post would be a good fit for our readership is to think "would child-free readers relate to this post?"

Posts we don't love:
For liability reasons, we don't feel comfortable publishing posts offering/asking for medical or legal advice. This includes posts about herbal/home remedies.

How to submit content for consideration

General guest post

If the categories listed up there inspire you, or you want to ask an advice question…
 Submit a guestpost!

Home or room tour

If you'd like to give us a guided tour of your living space…
 Fill out the tour form!

Travel report

We love to share stories of nontraditional travel……
 Fill out the trip report!

Just photos

Instagram_Icon_LargeIf you've got quick snapshots you want to share with us, you can always hashtag your photos #offbeathome on Instagram, and we might regram, or feature your images on the site! Or you can also submit photos of your home or projects in our Flickr pool too.


If you have general questions about the site.
 Email us!

Submission disclaimer

  • When you submit work to us, you grant your consent to let us publish it. You also grant your consent to let us edit it for length, tone, and clarity.
  • We can't publish everything we get. Please don't take it personally — there are lots of factors that go into how we choose content to feature, and none of it has to do with how awesome you are.
  • Offbeat Home & Life is about inspiring, communicating, supporting, and cheerleading. We're not about venting, ranting, bashing, or complaining.
  • While we don't have a budget to pay our guestbloggers, we do link to your personal website (but your NOT businesses website — we do not accept guestposts submissions from SEO marketing firms, or writers representing commercial websites)
  • We do not consider submissions that come to us in ways OTHER than those on this page.

The five most common reasons for submission rejections:

  1. Written by social media marketers or writer representing a commercial site.
  2. Reveals overly personal issues, perhaps without other people's consent.
  3. Too narrow in personal focus; doesn't relate to enough of our readers.
  4. Too similar to a recently-run post, or a post that we are planning to run.
  5. Fiction, poetry, or otherwise not a format we publish.