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Has anyone gone back to their maiden name after marriage?

By on Nov 21st

That's why she's switching back to it! (Photo by: Byron VillegasCC BY 2.0)

I got married a year ago and changed my name. Now, after a year of honest reflection, I can say that I don't like it.

I'm currently putting out feelers on resuming the use of my maiden name and in the process, I am running into tons of negativity. For the record, my husband never cared one way or the other, nor did my immediate family (my mom, sister, and stepmom did not change their own last names). For all of the others, the automatic reaction seems to be the assumption that I'm either getting a divorce, don't love my husband anymore, don't love my (non-existent) children, or I am wasting my time and money and should just get over it.

Have any of you out there stayed married but went back to your maiden name? How did you handle any criticism or negative feedback? Did you feel better once it was done? -Helen

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