The coolest loose leaf tea infusers in existence

By on Jun 14th

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

I never thought I'd see the day, but it turns out I was in need of a loose leaf tea infuser. Of course I can't just buy your run-of-the-mill tea infuser. You know Megan "All-my-kitchen-utensils-look-like-animals" Finley needs something funky and silly.

I eventually went with the Star Wars Death Star tea infuser. But I had to share all my awesome shopping finds, since I know our Homies love them some tea, and because I discovered a treasure trove of fun tea infusers.

From shark fins (duh) to a "tea Rex," these little guys will brighten your mornings before you even get your first sip of caffeine.

Robot Tea Infuser $9.99

Robot Tea Infuser $9.99

So what is YOUR favorite tea infuser of choice?

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