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Should I try to find a financial advisor? Will they even talk to non-rich folks like me?

By on Jun 3rd
My brand new husband and I are muddling through figuring out our money and I thought that seeing a financial adviser would be a great idea. I started looking for fee-only financial advisers in Los Angeles and I found that by and large, these folks are for rich people. One even said they won't talk to you if you make less than $200,000 per year.

Now, our financial situations are messy. I work two jobs, a "real" job at a grocery store and a freelance writing gig, which has all kinds of interesting tax… things. We're trying to keep a balanced budget, save money, pay bills on time, and work out taxes. And we have an aging cat.

So, I feel like professional help is in order, but who do I get it from? Should I try to find a financial adviser for poorer folks? Or is there a better option somewhere? -ZZ

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