New home, old cat smell, HALP!

By on Apr 26th

I waz in yer house, stinking up your kitchen. By: Eva ProkopCC BY 2.0

So my husband and I bought a house! But one thing that I noticed in this glorious house is that right when you walk into the kitchen there is this smell. And it's definitely of the feline species. However, we don't own any cats. (I mean, if our new house is going to smell like a cat it's going to be because we have one, and not an invisible one!)

The countertops are butcher block and the floors are hard wood. The only other areas of the kitchen that we could think of would be the brick that's exposed near the fridge, but could brick even retain a scent like that? We can't pinpoint exactly where the smell is coming from other than the fact that we're 100% positive it's in the kitchen SOMEWHERE.

So here's the question: How do you remove this smell, especially when you can't pinpoint the exact location that it's coming from? We don't particularly care for harsh chemicals, but wouldn't totally oppose them to get rid of this smell. -Raven6619

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