Gamers need lovin' too!: How to love and live with a Gamer

Guestpost by Twitchii on Feb 14th
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Who wouldn't love this little gamer!? By: Katherine McAdooCC BY 2.0

My husband is a gamer. Not a random "whenever I'm feelin' it" kind of thing, but a serious GAMER. He will take it any way he can; Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Xbox, Playstation, online gaming, MMORPG… you name the acronym, and he either plays it or has played it with a passion.

I, on the other hand, am most assuredly not. Don't get me wrong, I'll try anything twice. Truth is, I usually don't have the attention span to really get into these things like he does, and he's completely cool with that.

I know we can't be the only couple out here like this. It's inevitable in this day and age of gaming that there are multitudes of gamer/non-gamer couples. Yet every single person I know has asked me at least once "How does that even work? If he's always on [insert game here], how is your relationship not suffering?!"

There are some very decidedly nice perks about gamers:

  • Some of the most involved, insightful, and fascinating conversations I've ever had are with gamers.
  • They can concentrate like no one I've ever met.
  • And they're quick and creative as hell when it comes to a good joke.
  • Then there are the hands… Ooooh, the hands of a gamer know where to find ALL the buttons!
  • Have a problem? Bring it to a gamer, they'll pull some voodoo up-down-left-left-A-B-left magic, and come up with solutions you never even thought of. Their problem solving skills are pretty much maxed out.

I can honestly say my favorite times together are the random conversations we'll have while he's gaming and I'm doing whatever project I've got on my plate at the moment. For us this works very very well. Being an independent person, I can do my thing while he's off getting his fix of screencrack, then we'll meet up after for snuggles and Monty Python/Doctor Who/JD@TE, etc.

Everyone knows a gamer, and while you don't necessarily have to marry them, I do strongly suggest that you now go find your gamer and give them a hug… Just make sure they're not killing something first.

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