Share your favorite veggie-friendly crock pot recipes

By on Jan 14th
When daydreaming of my future self, I always thought that I would whip up some genius meal in the crockpot that my family could just come home to. Now as a mom, wife and vegetarian, my poor crock pot sits abandoned in a cabinet that requires me to set up a ladder to access. I love making homemade soup and prefer to do them fresh on the stove and almost all of the crock pot recipes call for meat. My husband is a meat-eater so most of our nights we make a basic dish that he then adds meat to after I serve myself. Now that it's winter I am yearning for the delicious smells of dinner in the crock pot that I remember from childhood.

What veggie-friendly meals do you cook in your crock pots? Thoughts on using meat-substitutions in recipes? Help us expand our meals by liberating this poor, neglected appliance! -Kerby

Alrighty, Homies. Let's do some veggie crock pot recipe crowdsourcing! Share links to your favorite veggie-friendly crock pot recipes in the comments, and let's all make our kitchens smell AWESOME.

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