Use a segmented toothbrush holder to organize your makeup brushes

By on Jan 14th

Toothbrush Holder to Organize Makeup BrushesHomie Tess (of basket drawer hack and secret kitty bathroom fame) uploaded a great idea to our Flickr pool that made me want to buy this segmented toothbrush holder. She explains:

I am a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to the whole makeup thing, so maybe this is old news. I just used to keep my brushes in a drawer with my makeup and they got dirty and/or lost all the time. Then I had a mini-"baskets!" moment when I realized my extra toothbrush holder (it is segmented into 4-sections) could hold all of my brushes and keep them clean and organized!

Seems so simple, right? But this great idea seriously just easily solved a storage issue for me! Do YOU have any "seems so simple it's obvious" great ideas? Submit them!

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